Zen Flyers – “Turnkey” Real Estate Templates provide a simple, fill-in-the-blanks way to create beautiful property flyers.
It doesn’t get any easier. A perfect low-tech flyer solution for real estate professionals, agents, and brokers.


Create and Print in 15 Min

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Each Turnkey Flyer is a simple “fill-in the blanks” template specifically designed for the busy DIY real estate agent. These real estate flyer templates are form-fill PDFs; they open, edit, save, and print as familiar PDF documents. Our templates streamline the design and creation process allowing you to prepare listing and open house flyers in record speed. There’s no need for complicated design software or graphic skills.  It doesn’t get any easier than this.


Fill-In-The-Blanks Ready

Simply type in your text, click to add photos, and push print. Here is how it works:



Double-click your favorite template design. The real estate flyer opens in Adobe Reader .



Just fill-in the blanks and customize your text to fit your listing. Click to replace photos.



Print from your home or office computer, or send the PDF file to your favorite print shop.

Get to Market Now.

Looks Custom

Your clients will think you spent a fortune on marketing.

Looks Professional

Brand yourself as a season Pro.

Ultra Stylish

We believe your marketing should match your level of business.

Save Time

We guarantee you’ve never experienced anything faster.

Save Money

No need for expensive graphic designers or clumsy software.

Save Your Sanity

It doesn’t get any easier, just fill-in the blanks.

Streamlined for Maximum Efficiency

We believe in efficiency. Almost 90% of time is wasted in creating the layout, designing the background, and choosing fonts. We’ve created the background, developed the layout, and pre-selected the best fonts, colors, and sizes for you. This allows you to create real estate flyers efficiently and effectively.

Just Start Typing

It really doesn’t get any easier than this, simply click on the text you want to change and start typing.

Picture Perfect

You’re wasting brain-power tweaking photos to fit just right. Lucky you, we’ve engineered our templates to automatically adjust your photos so they fit perfectly every time. Click a photo, then replace it with a new photo; it’s easy.

Freedom to Print Anywhere

Printing is as easy as clicking File > Print… You can print your real estate flyers at home, at the office, or take the PDF to your favorite local printshop. . Plus, using Adobe Reader, you can rest assured perfect prints every time.

No Design Software Needed

The best part of using Turnkey Real Estate Flyers is there’s no need for design software. Each template is pre-formatted as a PDF and can be edited in Adobe Reader which is 100% free.

Very Convenient

Our templates are PDF files that live on your desktop. Access them anytime you want. No need for an Internet connection or special logins. Simply open your Turnkey flyers template folder and start marketing. You can even save each template onto a flash drive and create a flyer no matter where you are.

Compatible on Mac or PC

You don’t have to worry about “will this work on my computer?” Our templates work on both Mac and PCs, interchangeably. This means you can make it on a Mac and edit it on a PC seamlessly.

Detailed Technical Specifications

Used by Agents and Brokers Everywhere

Our customers are everywhere. Big or small, we have agents from all levels and sizes of business; we’re even international. Our templates are being used in every continent on the planet (well, except Antarctica).

Your Company Not Listed?
No Problem. Our Real Estate Flyers Work on Any Independent or Private Brokerage.

Professionally Handcrafted & Designed

In New York they call it “Tailored,” Florida they call it “Fresh,” and in California they say it’s “Clean.” We simply like to say they just look good.

Turn-Key Flyer Templates are designed to be visually attractive. This is why we spend a lot of time designing fresh new themes. The theory here is: “If they look good, people will pick them up… the more the flyer box is empty the greater chance someone will buy.” Our themes are designed by professional graphic designers who specialize in the real estate industry. We focus on highlighting the property as well as the agent.

It’s in the Details

Magazine standard is 300dpi, so are TurnKey Flyer templates. Some say our templates are over-engineered. We think that you never know when you’ll get a high-profile listing that will need magazine quality marketing.

Color Coordinated

Sometimes you’d like to keep a brand color. You can do that. We design with brand color in mind. Color themes play a big part in our templates. We have a wide variety of color themes to fit all listings or brands.

Multiple Points of Contact

The 2nd most important part of a listing flyer is the Realtor. That’s why we carved out healthy ‘real estate’ (pun intended) on the flyer for multiple lines of contact data. Advertise your Facebook, Twitter, or Listingbook profiles, as well as your website.

Templates to Fit All Your Listings

Every listing is different. Choose a theme that fits for a polished, coordinated, and tailored marketing campaign. Check out all 53 flyer designs in the Top Producer package:

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Here’s What You Get

The most powerful templates on the market are all yours. This bundle collection includes 53 professionally designed PDF real estate flyer templates to accommodate any listing type for your entire career.

53 Templates for $95

This package is great for Top Producers, Broker, and new agents who don’t have the time, patience, or skills to hassle with making flyers. Get an edge over your competition today.

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Try it Risk-Free for 60 days

We’ll make a believer out of you. Try our templates for a full 60 days on all your listings. If you’re not completely convinced that these are not the easiest real estate flyers you’ve ever used in your entire career, we’ll refund 100% of your order instantly. Our return policy one of the best in the industry.

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What People Are Saying About Turnkey Flyers…

“I am so happy that I chose Turnkey over any other flyer service. It was so very easy, I kept thinking that I was missing something. Editing right on the page was simple. Popping photos in was easy, even for a “download for dummies” person like me. If I can make these gorgeous flyers, anyone can. Thanks again,”Barb
“So easy to use!”Debbie R.
“I really like using your flyers! The quality when printed is the best! I get so many compliments!”Adri P.
“Great product. Easy to use and we get great responses from the flyers.” John and Cheri
“I cannot believe the quality and ease of these flyers! As a REALTOR for 7 years flyers has always been a pain – do I pay someone to get a great layout? Do I try and copy one myself? I am very computer savvy but not creative so this has always been a thorn in my side. I couldn’t be happier with your product – thank you!”Vicki P, Broker
“The best thing I ever did was to sign up and purchase Turnkey Flyers for my real estate listings. My sellers are thrilled and impressed with them, they are so easy to use and user friendly and the end product looks so professional.

If by chance you do have a problem as I did, I lost the file on my computer, they were right there to help me. I could not ask for a better product.”Lindsay P.

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