What Makes A Trustworthy Brand

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What does a ‘Brand’ really mean? It means ‘trust. Nordstroms, In And Out Burgers, Chapman University, and the Girls Scouts top the list of the most trustworthy brands in Orange County by OC Metro Magazine issue . What goes into building a trustworthy brand and how can we apply it to our real estate business? Here are a 5 key factors in trust building:

  • Your Bond
  • Attitude
  • Sincerity
  • Confidentiality
  • Consistency

Your Bond — There was once a time where a man’s word was his bond. Your clients entrust in you to deliver what you promise.

Attitude — Good people do business with good people. A positive–take charge attitude is #1 thing your prospects and clients notice first.

Sincerity — Your clients can spot a fake a mile away. Being genuine and sincere about your clients feeling, thoughts, concerns, and actions is paramount when building solid relationships.

Confidentiality — Can you really trust a ‘big mouth’? Exercising confidentiality is very important to your clients.

Consistency — No one like uncertainty; it makes us feel uneasy. Being consistent with your service and delivery is extremely important. Consistency is one of the key factors why In-and-Out burger is so successful; you know you’re getting a great hamburger each and every time.

Building your brand is more than just fancy logos, catchy slogans, and advertising; it’s about building a foundation of trust.