Unanswered Questions on Social Media Can Spell Disaster

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Staying on top of your Social Media is more important than you think.

Social media portals that connect with our customers and clients like Facebook and Twitter are increasingly becoming the hub for Q&A.  According to Conversocial, a social media management application, 49.5% off social media users would be far less likely to buy anything from the company that didn’t  answer questions/complaints on their social media pages.

Wow; 49.5% would stop doing business with you if you ignored them! Makes you want to check your twitter account how doesn’t it!

Client management is extremely important; now add the social media layer, and it’s gets critical! Luckily, we, as agents, don’t have multi-million users and customer; but the principle of keeping connected with our clients are still the same. As people start using social media platforms to communicate it makes it harder for us to keep track of questions and concerns. No longer can we sort through our private email inbox. Now, customer questions are open for EVERYONE to see.

Connecting on Social Networks is great for business. Just make sure you’re “connected” as well. Create a routine. Periodically check Facebook/Twitter/Email on specific times throughout the day. Don’t leave any stone unturned; and answer all questions/comments/concerns as fast as you can. Right now the average appropriate response time is 6-12 hours. Any quicker, you’re on the ball! But keep in mind, this lead time gets shorter as we layer in more technology.

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