Don’t Thank Me…

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  … thank my team! There is no such thing as a “one-man or one-woman” show. Real estate or any business requires the skills, expertise, and hard work of teams… without them you fail.  I define a team as anyone I call upon to help me improve my business. That … Read More

3 Things That Help Your Home LOSE Value

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Most of us have a good understanding about what increases a homes value; but what if we flipped the question and asked “What things cause a home to LOSE value?” Here are three ways that may decrease the offer value on a home. 1. POOL. Contrary to popular belief, installing … Read More

Less is More and Niche Is Big

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The thing that makes American business much more successful than other business in the world can come down to one factor: “specialization.”In general, “specialists” are rewarded more so than “generalists.”

New Area Specialist Flyer Template

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This is an awesome new template that highlights you as an Area Specialist. There are three information sections. You can place any city, neighborhood, or county detail in here. The three biggest topics are: School, Local Recreation, and Entertainment. This template is part of our specialist package:  

(DIY) Direct Mail Flyer Postcard Idea

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Postcards aren’t the only direct mail option. Here’s a creative tip: use your listing flyer or open house flyer as a direct mailing piece. Who says a “traditional” postcard is the only way to go. In all honesty a postcard is simply a half sheet of 8.5×11 paper right? (yes … Read More

How to Remove the QR Code Image/Box?

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What if you don’t use a QR Code on your real estate flyers? Not everyone is convinced about these fancy QR widgets, myself included, but they are growing in popularity so we’ve added them to all our templates. If you’re not a big fan fo the QR there is a … Read More