Exclusive Real Estate Facebook Page Optimization Webinar!

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You’ve heard of SEO right? But have you heard of FPO (Facebook Page Optimization)?

As more people rely on Facebook to deliver their content and news it’s now more important to have a presence on this global platform. For most agents that might mean creating a separate Facebook Page; however, just having a standard fan page isn’t enough anymore.

With so many companies and agents jumping into Facebook pages, consumers are confused with which brands to fan, follow, and like. Just like in “search” you only have a few seconds to grad their attention and invoke an action (i.e.: like, comment, or recommend). To do so takes a bit of art, science, and ingenuity. We’ll be discussing this during our very exclusive Facebook Page Optimization webinar geared around real estate on Sept 21 @ 7:00PM.

I’ll be hosting a FREE 45 minute online webinar with social media expert and a fortune 500 consultant Rosh Khan on Wednesday September 21 @ 7:00PM (PST) discussing the topic of Facebook Optimization

If you’re interesting in attending the webinar, simply submit your name and email below. In a few days I’ll send you a special invitation and instruction on how to catch the webinar.

Space is limited, so please submit NOW… within days you’ll Dominate Social Media!

PS: After you finished your submission, please feel free to leave us a comment below or “like” us. A questions we’d like to know is: How has Facebook changed your business? And, what can we do to help you?

Reuben Fine

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