Real Estate Flyer Templates for MAC USERS!!!

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I just had an enlightening phone call from a Realtor in San Francisco just now…

She recently switched to using a MAC (Macbook Pro to be exact) thinking it would be easier than using the PC. For the most part it is; however, she’s become increasingly frustrated over creating marketing

  1. She doesn’t know how to work any of the standard design Programs.
  2. Many of third party marketing support is not compatible with MAC.


MACs are actually far superior to PC when creating graphics, designs, and marketing (I personally use a Mac Pro)… But like any new machine, there is a STEEP learning curve. Additionally, most companies are still far behind in adapting their products to MAC.

So what is an agent to use?? Go back to PC??…  I might have a more simpler solution for creating your property marketing flyers.

TurnKeyFlyers Real Estate Flyer Templates work on both PC and MACs… seamlessly!

TurnKeyFlyer Templates are purpose built flyer templates using Adobe PDF, a universal file format familiar to both PC and MAC.

The flyers open, edit, and save using the Free Adobe Reader application.

There are no fancy software needed, no design skills needed, and most importantly… THEY WORK ON MAC!!

So, if you are a Realtor Mac user looking for a better, simpler, and more efficient way to create professional looking real estate flyers give try.

Real estate flyer (brochure) templates is a faster and easier way to create quick advertising.
Real Estate Flyer Templates – No Software Required! Made in easy PDF Format!

Here are some of the flyer template samples YOU can make using on your MAC!

Feel free to visit our site to learn more about these templates and watch live videos! Visit:


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