Just by sending your real estate agent friends, family, or co-workers to this website (through your custom link), you can be rewarded with 50% of the purchase amount for any template package they get plus 25% of any add-on purchases.  All the tracking is done automatically by our system.  To get started follow these simple steps:

Step 1: Sign up for Clickbank. Clickbank is an online marketplace where you can promote various digital products, including Turnkey Flyers.  Simply sign up for a free Account by entering the necessary personal information.

Note: You must be approved before being able to promote our Turnkey Flyers. Please submit a request with your promotional plans by using the Contact page.

Step 2: Create Your Custom Link.  Creating your custom link is extremely fast and easy.  Simply use this as your model:


In the above example, you would simple replace “YOURCLICKBANKUSERNAME” with your own nickname that you set when you signed up for Clickbank.

So for example, if your clickbank username is janesmith45, then your link will look like this:http://janesmith45.useturnkey.hop.clickbank.net

Step 3: Promote Your Link.  Once you have created your custom link, it’s time to promote your link.  You can email this link to your co-workers, friends, family, or anyone you know that could benefit from the Turnkey Flyers template package.

If you have a blog or website, you can write an article about the Turnkey Flyers product, or just place ads or a regular text link on your site.  Any purchases that come through your link are automatically tracked and recorded by our system, even it the person buys days, weeks, or months after they originally visited through your link.

Here is an example:

Turnkey Real Estate Flyers (make this part hyperlinked with your custom link)
Super Easy-to-Use Flyers. Instant Turnaround Time. Small yearly fee.
33 Re-Usable Flyer Templates. No subscription and no hidden fees.
New Listing? Don’t wait.

Here are some example banner ads:

125 x 125 Turnkey Flyers Ad
Source File for 125 x 125 Banner



300 x 250 Turnkey Flyers Ad
Source File for 300 x 250 Banner