Market yourself through public speaking

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As a marketing tool, public speaking is both super effective and inexpensive.

Public speaking is great way to gain visibility, build credibility and attract new clients. When you speak in front of a group, you are immediately transformed from a real estate salesperson into a credible industry authority. At the same time, the experience of public speaking offers you a great opportunity for personal growth and enrichment. Effective public speaking enhances your leadership skills, self-confidence and poise – the very same skills that make you effective as a REALTOR®.

Speaking opportunities exist almost everywhere. In virtually every city, there are social clubs, service organizations, church groups and business associations that are eager to hear interesting, enlightening information, a novel perspective on the market or a professional opinion about some aspect of real estate.

Start with smaller groups as you build your presentation skills and confidence. Once you start to feel more comfortable at the podium, seek out larger groups who have members in your target audience. Before long, groups will hear about you and you’ll find yourself getting requests to speak.

Once you have obtained a speaking engagement, choose your content carefully. The audience expects to be informed, educated and entertained. Here are some ways to do that:

* Share your knowledge and expertise, e.g., ‘Five ways to make your home market-ready.’
* Offer practical advice about specific aspects of the home buying or selling process.
* Explain how the market in your area has changed or evolved over time.
* Discuss housing or development trends and explain how listeners can capitalize on them.
* Talk about careers in the real estate industry and what it’s like to be a REALTOR®.

Before you put yourself out on the speakers’ circuit, develop a core talk (much like a political stump speech) that reinforces your USP and showcases your expertise. You can then adapt this to the circumstances of each specific speaking occasion. Practice delivering your spiel – first in front of a mirror and then to friends, family members or co-workers – until you are comfortable with how your confidence, personality, style and passion come across.

A typical luncheon keynote generally runs about ten to twelve minutes and is often followed by a Q&A, so for this type of presentation it’s important to limit your scope and focus on a relatively narrow topic. Come up with a compelling title for your talk and use stories, anecdotes and examples to illustrate the points you make.
Once you gain experience, you’ll be a more attractive candidate for bigger gigs and larger audiences. At this point, you can also start to promote yourself as a speaker on your website, in your collateral materials and on social media such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google Alert.

Public speaking is a powerful way to put yourself in front of potential clients and develop a reputation as a knowledgeable authority with real understanding and unique insights into the real estate industry – a reputation that only increases over time.

Good luck and happy MARKETING!!!