How To Create A Real Estate Flyer

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It is important for home sellers to remember to put something in the buyer’s hands. Its hard to put a house in their hands though. But it is very easy to highlight the best features of a home onto a convenient  real estate flyer. However, flyers aren’t a place for a “data-dump” but rather a reminder of the best attributes of a home.

Home buyers are in the process of making the biggest, most expensive purchase of their lives. They are looking for specific features in a home, a dream or starter home. It is critical for the sellers to use real estate flyers to tell the buyers about the property when they leave.

The real estate flyers should have several components. One of the most important features of a successful real estate flyer are pictures. Most buyers are not going to consider purchasing a home if they can’t see what it looks like. Even if a home is listed with all the features they are looking for in a home, if there are no pictures to back those statements up, a buyer will likely ignore the listing. There are some essential pictures that should be included:

  • Front of the house
  • Master Bedroom
  • Kitchen
  • Living Room

The better the pictures look, the better the flyer will look. The buyer wants to know what the home they will be living in looks like and the pictures should show them.

Now that the pictures have been selected, sellers should also list important features of the home on the real estate flyer. At the very least, a home owner should list:

  • Price
  • Square Footage
  • # Bedroom & Bathrooms
  • Any upgraded features

A lot of home owners have features in their homes that are not standard. These things should also be listed, if not pictured on the flyer. The fact that a home has a Jacuzzi tub, gardens on the property or a roof top deck could be the deciding feature between similarly priced homes.

When those things are on the flyer, it gives the buyer time to weigh the features of the home against their want list. If a buyer is truly interested in the property, it will give the seller time to speak with serious buyers. When homeowners are honest upfront about the home, buyers appreciate them for not wasting their time on a home that doesn’t meet their needs or budget.

Talking about the neighborhood is also very important. There are certain buyers that will only purchase a home in a certain neighborhood. If there are special events, specific school districts or spacious yards, the buyer will want to know about these positive aspects of the neighborhood. Even in a neighborhood that is less than desirable, there is always something positive to list. Buyers should always know where they may live.

Successful real estate flyers always include information about the home. Buyers don’t like to waste more time than necessary when looking for the home of their dreams. By handing out great real estate flyers, home owners are saving themselves the aggravation of dealing with buyers that are not interested in what they have to offer. A great flyer saves both parties time and energy.

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