Flyer is too large to email (file size limit)

Rey MarquesSupportLeave a Comment

If you’d like to send a PDF flyer to someone, perhaps a print shop or a team member, but you receive a file size limit error when trying to email it then you will need to use a different method for sending the file.  

Most email providers only allow you to send a file up to 20 MB in size.  If you’ve added high resolution photos from a digital camera, each photo can be 4-5 MB, meaning you can easily surpass this limit.  

You may use a service such as WeTransfer or Dropbox to send large files.  For this example, we’ll use WeTransfer since their current limit for the free plan is 2,000 MB file size. 

  1. Visit and click “Take me to free.”  
  2. Click Add Files to select the file or files from your computer that you’d like to send, in this case the PDF flyer that you created. 
  3. Enter all the details including their email, your email, and any message (optional).  Then click Transfer.  

Once the transfer is complete, the other person will receive an email with a link to download the file.