Don’t Thank Me…

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… thank my team! There is no such thing as a “one-man or one-woman” show. Real estate or any business requires the skills, expertise, and hard work of teams… without them you fail.

 I define a team as anyone I call upon to help me improve my business. That means my favorite go-to local donut baker who supplies me with fresh donuts for pen houses, the friendly Fedex/Kinkos staff that gets last minute listing packages done when I’m in a rush, and it includes my family who support, encourage, and promote me through thick and thin.

The point is, your team goes beyond simply having assistants. The stagers, home inspectors, loan officers, Title reps, your graphic designer, marketers, and the hundreds of the other REALTORS in your area that bring clients to your listings. In the real estate business you can never do it alone. It’s your network, contacts, and relationships that all work together to make you successful.

That being said “My team and I thank you for your business!”