(DIY) Direct Mail Flyer Postcard Idea

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Postcards aren’t the only direct mail option. Here’s a creative tip: use your listing flyer or open house flyer as a direct mailing piece. Who says a “traditional” postcard is the only way to go. In all honesty a postcard is simply a half sheet of 8.5×11 paper right? (yes yes, for you uber perfectionists, postcards do come in various sizes — however for the DYI agent, in general easiest postcards to make and send are half page).

If the postcards are half-sheets why bother cramming all your info into that little space? Why not simply take your flyer fold it in half, throw an address lable and a stamp, then tape the fold closed, and send it through the mail?

Direct mailing of postcards and estate flyers are one of the easiest techniques to bring attention to an agent, Open House, or New Listing. Though some agents do not think it is a worthwhile work, making use of flyers in a direct mailing campaign can be very productive.

Being a bit savvy and creative can save you TONS of money and give you an edge over the competition. Try it on your next campaign. Create a Listing Flyer or Open House Flyer, then fold it in half and send it as a post card!