Do You CRINGE When Creating Real Estate Flyers? I do…

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.. I’ve been CRINGING for the past 8+ years!!

I know, creating a flyer from scratch is PAINFUL, FRUSTRATING, and ANNOYING! It almost makes you think… “Who cares about the flyer anyway?”… but you know it as well as I do that flyers, no matter how insignificant you might think, are an essential marketing components to getting buyers interested; so basically, you are stuck!

But I have hope for you!!!

I totally understand… take it from a professional real estate graphic designer. I hate creating flyers from scratch, even until this day. I recently was commissioned to create custom branded flyers for a broker… I literally sat in front of my computer for 5 days and got NOWHERE!

It’s not that I couldn’t do it… it’s just that I couldn’t get creative enough. And when I did, the design, layout, color, etc wasn’t good enough and I kept changing it over and over again… hey, all artists are perfectionists and are never satisfied…

If this happens to me, constantly, I couldn’t imagine what an actual agent has to go through! How difficult! Especially when you layer in the fact of “what are the buyers and my seller going think? Will they like it? Or will it turn them off?”

Creating marketing for your property should be an easy in-and-out process. Just get it done and move on to the next listing… right?

For the past few years I’ve been able to actually ENJOY creating flyers… yes, ENJOY! How’d I do it?…by creating real estate flyer TEMPLATES of my most common designs and layouts… this was my SECRET weapon to success!

By creating templates of my flyers, I literally carved out the most frustrating portion the design work, DESIGNING! Not to mention, I can create flyers from start to finish in a 10th of the time.

Over the years I’ve tested and made HUNDREDS of templates, when it dawned on me… Why keep these to myself?

I know there is one or at least of few agents out there that would probably benefit from these. Maybe, make your work load easier, save you time, and save you much needed $$$… who knows.

Of the hundreds, I’ve consolidated the best into a collection of template packages.

For the short time I’ve been offering these templates for personal use, they’ve SKY-ROCKETED and I’ve received countless emails telling me how vital these templates are to my clients real estate businesses.

If you CRINGE when making Real Estate Flyers… try using Templates. They’ll save you’re sanity, your business, as well as your pocket book!

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