Cheers! in 20 Languages, a cool way to break the ice.

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Following my last post, I figured how to say “Cheers” in 20 languages would be fitting! Since moving to Los Angeles, I’m surprised at how diverse LA is. There are so many people from all round the world; granted, many are tourist, but still, there’s alot. You never know where or … Read More

Don’t Thank Me…

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  … thank my team! There is no such thing as a “one-man or one-woman” show. Real estate or any business requires the skills, expertise, and hard work of teams… without them you fail.  I define a team as anyone I call upon to help me improve my business. That … Read More

Top 3 Sales Movies That’ll Inspire You to Get More SALES!

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I love movies, as most people, but I especially love it when a movie motivates me to get off my rear-end and get to work! Sometimes inspiration, motivation, and education isn’t always learned from books or classes, their taught through the silver screen.Here are a few of my favorite movies and short clips of my favorite parts that inspire me!

Let’s Talk About Your Logo…

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Sure, we all know how important a logo design is. It represents the true essence of your brand, identity, and image. Many agents think that having their ‘broker’ logo is all they need; but have you given any thought to your OWN personal logo? Having your own personal logo is a great marketing tool and helps to convey professionalism, prestige, and success.