Making a Real Estate Flyer — Walk Through

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 My name is Reuben, I’m here to ensure you fully understanding how our templates work and are comfortable with all the features so you can get started making a flyer for your listing right away. The goal for this sample template is to give you a chance to see, first-hand, … Read More

How To Create A Real Estate Flyer

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It is important for home sellers to remember to put something in the buyer’s hands. Its hard to put a house in their hands though. But it is very easy to highlight the best features of a home onto a convenient real estate flyer. However, flyers aren’t a place for a “data-dump” but rather a reminder of the best attributes of a home.

Top 3 Sales Movies That’ll Inspire You to Get More SALES!

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I love movies, as most people, but I especially love it when a movie motivates me to get off my rear-end and get to work! Sometimes inspiration, motivation, and education isn’t always learned from books or classes, their taught through the silver screen.Here are a few of my favorite movies and short clips of my favorite parts that inspire me!

Real Estate Flyers for Macs?

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I personally use a Mac and trying to find real estate templates that work on the native Pages app is near impossible. So Rey and I got to work and decided to end this once and for all… We’re still weeks away from the launch but we’re too excited to keep in a secret. Keep your eyes peeled because we’re about to launch the first ever comprehensive Real Estate Flyer Template designed specifically to work with Mac Pages!

What are templates anyway?

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Templates one of the best kept secretes in real estate, or any business for that matter; but, what are they? Templates are pre-made or pre-designed documents that you can personally customize. In real estate, the common uses for templates are in the form of: Contracts Written Agreements Marketing Brochures Real … Read More