Read This Letter Before Using Flyer Templates

How to Farm Any Area for New Listings

This time-tested marketing tactic is used by agents that know how to establish themselves as THE expert in any neighborhood.  They simultaneously demonstrate their knowledge of the market and show they’re the “go-to” specialist when it comes time to sell a home.

Before, this tactic was only available to agents that had the support team that could help them create such a time-intensive flyer campaign, until now…

Introducing the Multi-Property “Market Update” Farming Flyer Package


By regularly sending out a “Market Update” to the areas you specialize in, you can attract new clients and build your brand.

This pack will help you:

  • Get More Listings
  • Attract More Buyers
  • Amplify Your Brand
  • Build Buzz Around Listings
  • Build Trust and Rapport

From the Desk of Reuben Fine:

One of the most crucial aspects of successful sales is repetition. If you’re looking to establish yourself in a given neighborhood as an agent that knows the market, what better way than to provide regular market updates and offer a free CMA to those who call you?

Previously, flyers like these were extremely time-consuming due to the high number of text boxes and image boxes required to send a comprehensive market update. Now with a Turnkey Flyer Template, you can easily add 13 or 16 properties to a single page flyer.

These flyer templates come in multiple colors and look “high-end”, meaning they are designed to catch the eye of potential prospects.

Check out all the variations below

As a special THANK YOU for trying out Turnkey Flyers, I want to give you an incredible offer. Instead of the normal price of $47 for this flyer pack, if you pick this up right now you can get it at a HUGE discount.

We know how valuable this marketing tool can be for your business, so we wanted to make it as easy as possible to take action now. Of course, just like all Turnkey Flyers, it’s backed by our “No Questions Asked” 60-Day Money Back Guarantee.

Imagine being able to easily send out a new market update every quarter and have new leads calling you regularly, or easily adding these flyers to the back of your open house flyers to grab new buyers before they leave your open house. If you’ve been looking to do more marketing, now’s your chance.

Click the add to cart button below to take advantage of this incredible offer and start using this marketing tactic in your real estate business. You’ll have instant access to download the PDF flyers right after purchase. You only need Adobe Reader to open them (it’s a free download).