BROKERS: Get Your Agents To Market 5x Faster and Establish Your Brand as High-End In The Market

Real Estate Agents are good with people; they shouldn’t have to waste their precious time and energy designing flyers using complicated or frustrating software.

As a broker, you want to give them the best most practical tools while building your brand as a premium real estate company. Now you can do both using our lightning-fast real estate flyer templates. On average, our flyers are created five times faster than similar flyer programs and provide that high-end look and feel that establishes your company as a premier player in the market.

Introducing Turnkey Flyers Broker Packages

Now brokers can empower all their agents with Turnkey Flyers using a Broker Package. Let your agents use and re-use these templates over and over again forever, throughout their entire career. The easiest and most professional flyers are now available for the whole office. See below for the flyer packages available for your office.

Top Producer Package

53 Beautiful and Professional Flyers for any new listing such as Open House, Just Listed, Just Sold, and more.

Open House Kit

This 12 flyer Open House Kit is specifically designed to help each agent squeeze out every lead and interested buyer from their open house.

Specialist Package

For those agents that want to go the extra mile, this flyer pack helps them co-market with a loan officer, promote market updates through multiple property flyers, and even add back pages with neighborhood information or similar propertyes to their other flyers.

What’s Included

Each broker plan includes the following benefits:


Locked Branding

We can insert your company logo into each flyer and lock it, so it can never be changed. This enables the agent to only use these flyers if they stick with your company.


Priority Support

In addition to the video tutorials and knowledge base, we provide priority online support and can host a virtual meeting with screensharing if any agent needs extra handholding.


Account Management

Each agent receives their own account where they can login and download their templates at any time, on any computer. You can even customize different template packs for different agents.


New Templates

Each year, your agents will receive our newest templates in their account automatically, including formats such as 4 page flyers, postcards, newsletters, back pages, and more.

How does it work?

  • Setup Your Broker Package

    Call Rey Marques at (949) 345-1663. We’ll discuss your requirements and create a custom package that meets your office needs and fits your marketing budget.

  • Send Us Your List of Agents

    Create an Excel document with the first name, last name, and email, for each agent.

  • Email Your Agents

    Once we complete setup, we’ll let them know about their new flyers including a link to sign-in to