How to Get a Real Estate Assistant for $5

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Real Estate Assistant

Real estate is a busy profession.  There’s so many moving parts, it’s easy to get overwhelmed and slip up.  Forgetting to return a call, missing an email, lagging on the paperwork…just one or two mis-steps and our client’s trust in us starts to wane. It would be nice to hire … Read More

Cheers! in 20 Languages, a cool way to break the ice.

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Following my last post, I figured how to say “Cheers” in 20 languages would be fitting! Since moving to Los Angeles, I’m surprised at how diverse LA is. There are so many people from all round the world; granted, many are tourist, but still, there’s alot. You never know where or … Read More

Making a Real Estate Flyer — Walk Through

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 My name is Reuben, I’m here to ensure you fully understanding how our templates work and are comfortable with all the features so you can get started making a flyer for your listing right away. The goal for this sample template is to give you a chance to see, first-hand, … Read More

Don’t Thank Me…

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  … thank my team! There is no such thing as a “one-man or one-woman” show. Real estate or any business requires the skills, expertise, and hard work of teams… without them you fail.  I define a team as anyone I call upon to help me improve my business. That … Read More

Reviving My Real Estate Business For The Summer

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Like any skill or craft I’ve always found it helpful to remind myself and practice the basics. Juggling 1000 things at once I’ve found myself cutting corners, especially in my sales and marketing process… months go by and I wonder why business isn’t as good as it used to be last year???

“Oh, well it’s because of the economy…” <-- it's only an excuse! Corner cutting starts with simply not "smiling" when on the phone or in person, then it moves into skipping the simple sales or presentation steps when previewing properties or during listing presentations. Cutting corners is cutting your commissions. Luckily, you remind yourself, like I do, from time to time and practice the basics. For me, it starts with the simple "toastmaster" pitch process.