Can Font, color and text size be changed?

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The font color, text size and picture size cannot be changed, except for headlines where the font type and size can be changed. The templates are built to be easy to use and be opened through Adobe Reader. This means that most of the font settings are pre-set and unchangeable. … Read More

Do you have an affiliate program?

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Yes, we offer a competitive affiliate payout rate through our payment processor Clickbank.  Once you signed up at ClickBank, you can request to promote Turnkey Flyers.  Once approved you will have your own unique URL that will track any sales and provide payout weekly.  For more information, visit our  promotions page. 

Photos show up distorted in the flyer

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Most photo boxes are set to be in the dimensions of a standard digital camera photo of 4 x 3.  This means if you have a large photo, any of these sizes will work: 900 x 675 pixels 1200 x 900 pixels 1500 x 1125 pixels You can make it as large … Read More

If I switch brokers, can I change the logo?

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If you’ve purchased Turnkey Flyers directly yourself, then yes you change swap out any logo at any time.  Switching brokers will not be a problem.  If, on the other hand, your broker purchased your account then the logo may be hard-coded in the flyer templates and cannot be changed.   The … Read More

Do I need special paper? Do you offer printing?

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These flyers look good on standard paper and they even better on higher quality paper, it’s up to you. Once you download your template, you can print it on your home or office computer, or send it for professional printing – we don’t provide a printing service though.

Do you offer multiple properties on a flyer?

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We will be introducing a new template package of several high end multiple property designs.  In the meantime, you can purchase the Specialist package as part of the checkout process when purchasing the Top Producer package from the  homepage.   These are also great as a backside for any of our single … Read More